Firdause Irani [Mehraygan]

Born in Bombay [Mumbai] on 29th May 1964 in a family of bakers & restaurateurs, he was a rebel since childhood who never followed the rule, that resulted in changing 4 schools and 7 colleges till his post-graduation in law. A die hard romantic day dreamer, he was instinctively drawn to creative pursuits, having a strong passion to sing, write, act, compose, draw & paint. During his early years, he never realized that an inner voice urged him to follow an influence which connected to a call from beyond… ultimately setting him off on a journey in search of answers… which he realised in a mysterious way, expressed by energised colours ...

Artist's Message

Our thoughts emerge from primordial presumptions of things we see, feel, touch and experience that are stored in the framework of our mind, as waves, vibrations and molecular reactions. These sensory inputs shape our world… It’s an unreal phenomenon because, if reality were defined as the existence of an object as we perceive it, then reality is unreal. Science cannot tell us anything about the world beyond our perception, can we trust science to tell us about the reality that surrounds us?

All philosophies break the notion of reality. If ends are determined, then mortal quest for matter is an illusion, making life meaningless. Conscious senses create illusions to veil reality, but in the mysterious abyss of the sub-conscious a sense that interacts and understands stimulus from an external world, guides us through an inner vision to the real purpose of life… but Mankind has never understood nor accepted this eternal truth.

Reality, I believe is a combination of positive and negative energies on the same plane, their friction gives life its existence and the opposing thrusts create the balance to sustain changes. In an effort to picture a thought, to unravel the unseen, I instigate reality by relieving conscious senses and a mysterious process takes me through a process of doing and undoing, brushing, erasing and carving, ultimately provoking an accident to balance the energies, bringing forms to life.

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